Dearth, A Trough

His project complete; a criticism on western waste, affluence and attitudes, the photographer wondered if there was more to art than irony, if it should mean something and not just feed into the endless cycle of clucking tongues and promises to one day do better? And was photography really art, anyway?

And if he kicked out the screen, threw up the sash, slid out into the courtyard, and then shimmied up the pipe to the roof, would that let him feel liberated? Or would he find himself amongst a crowd, all of them itching for something but not knowing what.

Prompt courtesy of the Friday Fictioneers. Read more stories here.


6 thoughts on “Dearth, A Trough

  1. I like the restlessness and self-questioning of your MC. Fascinating thoughts on the function of art, and photography’s place in it, but the real interest comes in the second paragraph when he is really questioning his own role and purpose. Such an unusual take on this week’s prompt – stimulating and engaging.

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