Famous Last Words

“Come on cowards! Give these good people the show they came to see! Let them call it justice, a fitting punishment, but you and I, Warden, we know what they really want. They want the thrill of watching a man die, want to imagine they themselves murdered this bad, bad man, but we know better, don’t we Warden? We know that in the hearts of these docile little housemaids and hat-clutching churchgoers, an animal lurks, a sharp-toothed beast, starving for violence. It’s human nature, Warden, you and I both know that. So throw the god damned switch already.”

Prompt courtesy of the Friday Fictioneers. Read more stories here.


22 thoughts on “Famous Last Words

  1. We are beasts hungry for the blood of the poor and down-trodden, who we have created the very framework of criminality and then punish those rough creatures we have, ourselves, made in our own likeness. We are Frankenstein’s creators, Prometheus unbound.

  2. Excellent, of course. You make us think, and feel, and it’s all a little frightening given the subject matter of that mirror you’re holding up.

  3. Dear Craig, I suppose the worst of humanity comes out when hideous deeds have been done – especially to innocents. Your story is good, I really don’t think I would want to watch an execution – but horrible, unspeakable things can change your mind and I hope not to me. Nan

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