Freeze, Thaw

We walked for forever, during a snowstorm, wind in our faces the entire time, even if we turned left or right, all because she read about some new restaurant. My socks were wet, a crack in the underside of my boot soaked up the melting snow and salt crystals spread across the sidewalks. A car, ignoring their red almost hit her and we banged on the hood and hollered. The driver honked and yelled, but we couldn’t make out what he said. The confrontation warmed us. We hunched over on the corner, laughing, forgetting our discomforts and grudges, for now.



2 thoughts on “Freeze, Thaw

  1. Supposed to be working and instead I’m peeping at this moment captured in one of those snow-shaker things.
    That ‘for now’ is brilliant sad, real…
    Liking the cool sparseness of this blog after all the chintz and fairy lights out there.

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