Seven Letter Word For Impatience

“You hear anything?”

“Not yet.”

“It’s been a couple of hours.”

Instead of answering, he picked up a magazine from the end table and started flipping through it. He found a half-finished crossword puzzle, and after searching his jacket pocket and not finding anything, he asked his brother if he had a pen. He didn’t.

“I’ll see if I can get one from the nurse.”

He came back and started filling in the puzzle, occasionally tapping the pen against his teeth.

“That’s really annoying.”


“The pen. You and that fucking pen.”

He stopped and filled in thirteen across, incorrectly.


3 thoughts on “Seven Letter Word For Impatience

  1. Nice try, it’s too random and abrupt for me, but nice for what it is right now.
    P.S: you wrote “bother” instead of “brother”, unless that was intentional! :D)

      1. Not everythings for everyone and I’m hardly the brightest light in the blog-verse so don’t pay it too much mind. ;)

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