PHOTO PROMPT – © Dale Rogerson

Owl tossed seven pebbles into the swamp. The frogs stopped croaking and the shore birds took flight.

The crocodile surfaced.


“We need passage to the other side.”

“No,” the crocodile said.

Raccoon drew a plump, plucked chicken from his satchel. “We can pay.”

The crocodile blinked.

Raccoon lobbed the carcass.  the crocodile’s jaws snapped shut, and then retreated under the water. They were just about to leave, when the crocodile resurfaced.

“Very well,” it said. “I will ferry you. Be warned, the journey is treacherous and Death himself awaits on the other bank.”

“That’s who we need to see.”


Prompt courtesy of the Friday Fictioneers. Read more stories here.


14 thoughts on “Estuary

  1. (“Raccoon lobbed the carcass. Its jaws … ” The carcass’s jaws? Just wondering.)

    This has a very Halloween-ish feel to it. And I love the picture on the side.

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