Self Checkout

This man, waiting in line, arms full of groceries, short smile, eyes not quite darting, but active, hopeful, looking for any kind of social interaction. Something to remind him he was human. Something to cut through the fog. The loneliness. Some little thing that will let him break free, if only for a small moment.

The woman behind him, bumps his heels with her cart and he turns his head, his acceptance and her apology ready on his lips.

But she says nothing, eyes focused on the items in her cart, rooting through, looking for something buried near the bottom.


6 thoughts on “Self Checkout

  1. You capture that momentary “Should I?/Shouldn’t I?” feeling of speaking with a stranger very well here. I’ve written a self check-out tale, too, that you might like (post 17 on my site, if you’re interested). Thanks for the read!

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