Dangerous Combination

The dial turned and they heard the mechanism click into place. The closest man looked back at the other three slightly darker shadows in the room and smiled. Then, realizing they wouldn’t be able to see it, he turned back and swung the safe door open.

Now the flash came on, just a sliver, the lens covered with the seconds’ fingers.

“It’s empty,” he said, growling behind clenched teeth.

The third pulled his gun, and took a quick step back, to cover what were until minutes ago, his partners. He fired six times, two rounds each. And then he ran.


3 thoughts on “Dangerous Combination

  1. Craig, I might have accidentally nominated you for an award. I lack the IT prowess to hyperlink the linky thing here so you’ll have to go my blog. Sorry if this is a massive irritation. It was a just a way of acknowledging my bitter and twisted jealously for your talent! Nick

    1. Haha, no irritation at all. I’m honoured. Thanks a whole bunch. I’ve already had a few more views than usual because of your post. Also looking forward to going through and seeing what the other people on your list are up to.

      1. Ah great – I’m glad you’ve taken my shocking behaviour so well…I look forward to reading your responses when you get the time.

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