When the hatchet blade dulled, and did nothing but give the tightly woven branches a slight shiver, she let it slip from her hand. Her fingers pulled at the branches. They came away scratched, and bleeding and covered in sap.

She leaned in, the pine tree’s scent invading, enveloping, warning off, and began to speak, to tell a story. At first, hardly more than a whisper, a slight wind, moving past her lips. As she spoke, the boughs began to creak and groan, to pull apart. Her words, worked to untangle the thick, sappy branches, and to let her in.

Prompt courtesy of Bikurgurl‘s 100 word Wednesday Challenge.


4 thoughts on “Conifer

  1. Her words parting the branches — how magical <3 To think she was locked in and her words have literally saved her! Thank you for joining us this week – truly lovely lines <3

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