“The thing about adulthood,” he said, tossing an empty can across the kitchen and missing the recycling bin. “Is that you don’t really grow up.”

He stood up, keeping one hand on the table for balance and walked over to where the can landed, and wiped up the small puddle it left with his sock. After asking if anyone else needed a beer, and then grabbing one just for himself, he continued the thought.

“All you can do is prepare and anticipate how you’ll react to most situations. Try to limit the damages. Because you realize you won’t ever change.”

Prompt courtesy of the Daily Post.


2 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. Where was all this shit when we were kids? Why did I have to read books about special needs dudes accidentally killing things and way too many pages of suffering as if that’s not one of life’s first lessons anyway? Where were all the lessons on how “adulthood” is a myth and our parents and teachers were just faking?

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