Behind the Refrigerator

“Is the past tense of heap, hept?”


“Like keep is kept, right? So is it hept?”

“Use it in a sentence.”

“He hept scorn on all his employees at the annual picnic.”

“Are things not going well at work?”

“What? No, that was just first thing that popped into my head. I don’t think I’ve ever heard heap not used with scorn.”



“Heap of trouble. I’ve heard people say that.”

“That’s pretty much the same thing isn’t it? Scorn and trouble?”

“Not quite, I don’t think. They’re both negative, I suppose.”

“Well, yeah, that’s what I’m saying.”


3 thoughts on “Behind the Refrigerator

  1. I read this to the end and I have no idea why, but I cracked up laughing! The thought in my head when I finished was ‘what?’, and that was it, the giggles came. Maybe the absurdity of the conversation, but ones we DO have in life is what must have done it – it’s very ordinary conversation…., just written down. Right now I hope to G this hasn’t caused offence, (as I know some writers it would) it’s not intended as such. What can I say? I found it funny!! 😀 (please tell me it was intended to be!!) lol!!

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