The coffee at Pearl’s was terrible and the service wasn’t much better. But it was the only place open this late. Or this early, depending on your schedule.

Lamb and Doe slid into the only clean booth and opened the grease-stained menus, while the waitress stood there, looking ready to keel over.

“Bacon and eggs for me,” one of them said.


They stayed quiet until the food arrived, and even then, they didn’t have much to say. Which they both thought was fine. After breakfast they caught the train out of the city, fell asleep on each other’s shoulder.

Prompt courtesy of Bikurgurl‘s Wednesday challenge.


5 thoughts on “Spoon

  1. Ooooo…these people and their story is so intriguing. I feel there is so much more to tell ;-) Thank you so much for joining us again this week!

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