Sweet and Sour

It was all pet names, light touches, quick smiles and longing glances with them.

It made the rest of us sick. When they weren’t around, we staged plays, pretending to be them.

“Oh darling, I just had the most wonderful thought.”

“Really, my dearest of deary dears? What was it?”

We waltzed around the bedroom, threw ourselves extravagantly across the bed, and sighed.

“Honey Dew Watermelon Cantaloupe, I just realized how much I truly, but truly, loved you just now as I read this article about child soldiers in Africa.”

And we’d laugh. But we were all a little jealous.

Prompt courtesy of the Thin Spiral Notebook.


4 thoughts on “Sweet and Sour

  1. “Honey Dew Watermelon Cantaloupe” this pet name made me snort-laugh. The sweet-nothings I coo at my Mister are more along the lines of Monkey Boy. Still just as sweet.

    (Glad to see you joining the Challenge. I hope to see you again soon.)

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