Doe got a job at a coffeehouse and she hated it.

“Everyone’s an asshole,” she told Lamb.

Lamb said she had an idea. And insisted Doe play along.

The next morning, Lamb walked in to see a long line of people, tight-mouthed, grumbling and shuffling their feet in line. She cut through and went up the counter.

“Where’s my goddamn tea?” she yelled, inches away from Doe, who stammered, initially, but caught on and recovered.

“It’ll be just a minute, miss.”

“Never mind. I’m leaving.”

The other customers’ frowns turned to sympathetic, patient smiles. They ordered politely and tipped well.

Prompt courtesy of the Daily Post.


4 thoughts on “Tea

  1. I relate to Doe’s plight. Now, if only I had a Lamb that could convince the corporation to pay me more.

    (By the way, I really dig your blog and I’m happy to give you a follow.)

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