The Sticking Place

Suitcase at his feet, and nothing but a pond to walk around. But this seemed like the longest leg of the thousand mile journey home. He pulled a bud from the branch, and cracked it open under his nose. wiped his sticky fingers on his  wrinkled trousers and stayed still.

Nothing had changed, except the tire swing had come down sometime in the years he’d been gone.

“There is the other one thing changed,” he said, quietly,

One of the curtains moved in the house, and he knew he’d been spotted. But he remained where he was, screwing his courage.

Prompt courtesy of Sue Vincent’s #writephoto

15 thoughts on “The Sticking Place

  1. An intriguing lead-in. I’m curious about whether he has spent a decent amount of time in jail while his wife was looking around or it’s just another lifetime story?

      1. Thank you, Graig, for your prompt reply.
        I must admit I like to leave some blows of incompleteness too. I am also keen on detective stories. :)

    1. The way I figure, if you’re still thinking about a story after reading it, then it was interesting. I can only hope I reach that level every now and then.

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